Dear AppGuard users,

our development team has decided to discontinue the development of the SRT AppGuard. The further development costs time and energy, which we would like to invest in new projects in order to continue offering you good products in the future. Please visit for futher information.


How can we help ?

If you have other problems then you can contact us according to your request:



Boxify needs all the permissions of an app

When you are asked to grant permissions to Boxify in the beginning, rest assured that this is only needed because Android forces Boxify to have the permissions of all boxified apps.

After installing an app all data are deleted

After you have installed an app in a box, it is like a first installation. The app has no data. You can log in with any account.

Installation of WhatsApp

WhatsApp asks for a re-verification of your phone number after installation. After verifying your phone number, you can no longer use WhatsApp, which is not installed in Boxify, with the same phone number.

Please also note that you have to manually enter the verification code in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp finds no contacts

Each created box works like a small version of Android with its own accounts and data, WhatsApp will not find any data even if your address book or other apps are not installed in the same box.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to integrate individual contact data in the same box in which WhatsApp is also installed.

If you would like to use WhatsApp for business purposes in addition to private use, you can download a contact data app for free and install it in the box with WhatsApp. Please note that you cannot use your phone number twice.

If you want to use WhatsApp privately and still install it via Boxify, you can simply install your address book in the box.

Remove apps from a box

Please press on the bottom right in your desired box on the hook. Now the list of all available apps will appear and you can tap the app once. Now the dialog for deleting appears.

Create shortcuts

Please press the icon of the app for a short time. In the upper bar, the option “Verknüpfung hinzufügen” appears on the left.

How do I change the name and the color of a box?

To customize the name and the color of a box, press the pencil icon in the top right corner. Here you can make your changes.

Delete box

To delete a box with all its applications and data, please press the pencil icon in the box at the top right. Now the dialogue for deleting the box appears.

Please note that this process cannot be undone.

The Boxify app uses a lot of storage space and consumes a lot of energy

Android cannot distinguish the different boxified apps, so it reports the sum of all apps’ battery and space consumption.

Notifications of my apps will be delayed

If you feel that notifications and messages arrive late in your boxified apps, make sure to exclude Boxify from power and network optimizations that slow down and prevent in-time delivery of content.

How many boxes can I create?

You can create as many boxes as you like. The Boxify app does not provide any restrictions.


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