Based on Boxify technology, we have developed a new Android app: the SRT AdVersary. Our proprietary technology protects the user from unwanted advertising and analysis libraries. Annoying advertising banners and fullscreen advertisements are no longer displayed so that the user won't accidentally opens it by clicking unwanted. The AdVersary can be downloaded for free from our Web site and will be available in the Google play store.

The advantage of AdVersary is not confined to the obfuscation of advertising. Many of the advertising libraries that are embedded by developers, to also access private data like contacts or the phone ID and track to the user. The AdVersary improves data protection by these accesses are blocked.

Compared to other advertising blockers focuses the AdVersary not Web pages, but the advertising libraries within apps. Due to the unique Boxify technology, 4.1 runs the ad blocker without root privileges or other modifications on any Android device Android version. This combination of in-app advertising blocken and availability for each makes the SRT AdVersary.

Technically, the AdVersary works by launch apps using Boxify in a controlled environment and the advertising libraries within the app are disabled. So far, the most common 10 advertising libraries are supported. We will expand support for more ad networks based on collected feedback but continuously.

AdBlocking is just one example of what can be implemented with the Boxify technology used. Our container solution allows you to share any libraries within an app, for example, safety-critical libraries such as OpenSSL, without having to update do to the developer's. It is also possible to forbid the execution of critical libraries or run them in a separate sandbox, so they get no access to sensitive data.

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