The usage of WhatsApp

The new General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since 25.05.2018, describes strict rules for the handling of personal data. The usage of WhatsApp is particularly problematic, as information such as addresses or telephone numbers including names may not be collected without the consent of each individual. Especially not to be shared with third parties. However, in the WhatsApp Terms of Use you agree to this. When installing WhatsApp, you allow the app to collect all contact information and transfer all related information to WhatsApp’s servers. Therefore, the consent of each individual is required to store his data for a specific purpose. We are aware of this fact and would like to offer you a solution: We call it WhatsBox !

The idea

In order to use WhatsApp it is unfortunately necessary to agree to the transfer of the data. Many companies take advantage of simple communications with messenger services. Even if you store your contact information in your address book and don’t maintain a contact through WhatsApp, all data is still transferred. To avoid this, some people also bought a second smartphone without WhatsApp to separate business contact data from their private ones. With WhatsBox we have created a way to make a clean separation and eliminate the need for a second smartphone.

With the usage of WhatsBox contact information will no longer automatically transfers to the servers. By simply selecting the contact details, you can decide which contact information will be transferred once you have received the consent of the owner of the personal data. This is especially interesting for new contacts stored in your smartphone. You can save the contact information in your address book and you can be sure that the information will not be transferred to the servers unless you import it into WhatsBox.

How it works

WhatsBox: Our new sandbox app

After installing WhatsBox, WhatsApp and a contact import tool are automatically installed. With WhatsBox we replace the WhatsApp, which is not integrated in the sandbox, so you can get more security when using personal data.

WhatsApp: You already know

This is the normal WhatsApp you already know and use. Only this time we integrated it into a sandbox and place us between WhatsApp and your smartphone. Now you can decide which of your contacts can receive messages from you.

Contact import: With just on click

With this tool you can choose which of your contacts can receive messages from WhatsApp. After making your selection, your contact details are available in the WhatsApp.

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Our new sandbox app


You already know


Just one click

Your benefits

Transparent handling of personal data

Efficient compliance of the GDPR

We use software you already know

Simple selection of your contacts

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Work in compliance with data protection regulations without restricting your communication

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