SRT AdVersary

The next-generation adblocker

Better privacy and more usability!

Our novel technology protects the user from unwanted advertising and analysis libraries. Annoying banner ads and full-screen advertising are no longer displayed, so that the user no longer opens them accidentally by an unwanted click.

Why does AdVersary need so many permissions? AdBlocker runs apps without ads. For the running app to continue working, AdBlocker needs to provide the permissions to this app. In order to provide all apps with AdBlocking, AdBlocker therefore needs all permissions.

Why use AdBlocker?
Adblocking for privacy
  • Anti-Tracking: No profiling by tracking.
  • Access Protection: No unauthorized access from Contacts, Calender,….
The code of the advertising library is never executed. As a result, no tracking can take place and the data on the device is protected against information leakage. The danger for the data protection is quite real, since many advertising libraries test, if you have access rights and, if given by the app, also use.
The following ad libraries are already supported
Google Mobile Ads, INMOBI, Unity Ads, Amazon Mobile Ads, AddApptr, Amobee, Startapp, AdWol Ads, AppNexus
Further applications

Patch Management

The AdBlocker replaces software libraries with others that do not advertise. The same principle can also be applied to other libraries in apps, such as an OpenSSL library. This can then be replaced by a newer version, provided they are compatible.

The advantage of this patch management is that you do not need the developer to update your libraries. It allows you to act instead of just react

Library Blacklisting

The functionality of the AdBlocker is easy to extend to other libraries. This allows you to maintain a list of non-permitted, safety-critical libraries that should never be executed.

This can be particularly useful in the Bring-Your-Own-Device context to define unauthorized libraries using security policies.

Your idea

You have another idea to deal with libraries? You do not want to block a library and do not patch it, but run it in a separate container without data access?

We are happy to assist you in mastering your challenges!