Smart Contract
Blockchain gone smart
Smart Contracts allow the digital deployment of contractual operations like “If … then …”; similar to contracts on analogue paper. The benefits of digitizing the contract are easy to understand: openly verifiable execution of the contracts through third parties and automated checks for compliance.
Smart Contract Audit
Smart Contracts: A new form of simplified contracting using the Blockchain.

The advantages automated execution and compliance in smart contracts also implies a high risk. The risk comes from the precise definition of the contractual properties that is required. Every imprecise implementation might lead to a loss of money through the contract.

In contrast to the paper contracts that might be clarified in court, it is impossible to discuss a bug in the smart contract. The program code and the mining network are responsible to execute the code and changes after the deployment of the contract are depending on the case hard or not possible.

Manage the risk of bugs proactively by using an audit. We offer such audits to make minimize your risk. Our partners managed to raise more than 60,000 ETH in Initial Coin Offerings and trusted us to secure their money.

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