IT security can not be achieved through pure software solutions; you need a corporate culture that lives up to IT security. IT security has to be integrated at various levels:

Management: Here the topics Compliance and Information Security Management System (ISMS) are often in the foreground.
Administrators: For administrators in particular the update process, ie how updates are recorded, as well as a proper rights management important.
Software Developers: A developer should avoid typical errors in the design process and, if possible, already provide security guarantees (security-by-design). It can be used on various design paradigms, secure frameworks, as well as architectures.
Employees: One of the top attacks on companies is so-called social engineering. In the worst case, the employee does not even notice that he has just issued critical information. Here it is important to make employees aware of the risks that exist on a regular basis. One possibility is awareness training.

Security Training
A corporate culture for security
Our training courses are individually adapted to your needs
The goal is to strengthen information security in your company, as it depends on the safety awareness of your employees. Because only if everyone knows and understands the security risks, the establishment of security will be successful.
Our packages
Sensitization for your employees

Security Awareness

Avoid security incidents caused by your employees working with computer systems or the Internet. Through social engineering, information can be unknowingly published. In raising awareness of your employees, we determine the basics of information security, explain common attack methods and the associated risks and consequences.
Training for your developers

Secure Software Engineering

Secure software development starts with your developers. Already, during the conception and development of software it is possible to create security and avoid mistakes (security-by-design). Our developer training courses can cover a variety of topics, as needed, including web application security, memory security, network security, third-party code management, and more.
Information meeting

Security Awareness

Additionally to our special training, we also offer the possibility of an information event, regardless of the work area of the employees. These events have a more general character and inform about current developments such as at the ransomware. These types of events are part of our Awareness training and offer you the opportunity to sensitize your employees to hazards.
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