Penetrationtests: your way to a secure network

Today, companies are more than ever in the focus of criminal energies. Every little critical gap is exploited. To detect these vulnerabilities, it is recommended to perform penetrationtests. So you can continue to take advantage of global connectivity without becoming the victim of an attack. Furthermore, by testing your infrastructure constantly, your customers can trust you more.




For a better protection


Minimize the risk

And find vulnerabilities before an attacker and reduce your risk of failure and damage


Minimize personal liability

The disregard of laws can cause penalties for you and your company


Create more confidence

With regular pentests you show your customers that they can entrust their data to you

Someone can be affected

Many hackers work fully automated without specifying concrete goals

Four reasons why you should

consider penetrationtests

We offer insights

because with our tests whitch are

  • individual tailored to you
  • quickly lead to results and
  • action-oriented for more security

we offer you the insights you need to take your security to the next level.

What can be tested ?


  • Configuration and version management
  • Authentication
  • Input Validation (XSS, CRSF, SQL Injections, …)
  • Error correction management

and more…


  • Port Scans
  • Protocol analysis (SSH, SMTP, FTP, VPN, …)
  • Dictionary attacks
  • Backdoor-Analyse
  • DoS risk analysis

and more…


  • Safe use of the storage
  • Handling sensitive data
  • Use of security best practices
  • Analysis of the development process

and more…

How we do it

1.Kickoff: Defining the goals and an emergency contact. Defining the aggressiveness of the intervention, since it is either a test or a productive system.

2.Penerationtest: During the test, we are available for any questions that concern your system. Likewise, measures can already be taken during the test to remedy deficiencies.

3.Preparation of a provisional report

4.Review: All important key points will be discussed with you. We are also happy to answer your questions about the preliminary report.

5.Posttest: Optionally, we can rebuild your system to make sure that all detected defects have been resolved.

6.Preparation of a final report

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