The presence of a security strategy should be an important issue in any business today, as information security and its systematic implementation should be considered in all aspects of your IT landscape. With our consulting services, we help you to introduce or improve your processes or systems, help you to find weaknesses and security vulnerabilities and help you with our knowledge to improve your understanding of your information security.
Together we are strong
Extensive consulting, strategy development and implementation
  • From the analysis of the actual state of all safety-relevant points to the safe operation of all individual components
  • Ongoing support, advice and implementation of your IT security strategy, technically and strategically
  • We support you in the run-up to your certification with ISA +, ISIS 12 or even ISO 27001, BSI IT-Grundschutz, TISAX, Common Criteria or ISO SSE
  • Our consulting services are based on the latest findings of research through our network of research institutions of the University of the Saarland such as the CISPA, Max Planck Institute for Software or the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • We can rely on the expertise of approx. 900 employees for your advice, as we are part of Scheer Holding
Internal audits
Internal audits offer you the opportunity to check your processes, guidelines and requirements. These required standards offer you and your partners more security. We are happy to assist you in the analysis, implementation and documentation of your systems and processes in order to improve the information security in your company. But not only your systems and processes are important in establishing more information security. In your software projects, we help you in the form of a code audit to ensure the quality or completeness.
Certifications are becoming increasingly important. With a certification to existing standards you put your IT infrastructure on a good base that brings benefits to you and your partners.
Your advantages:

  • Continuous security through controls and adjustments
  • Minimizing the risk of attack by technical measures
  • Creating information security through sensitization of all company members
  • Providing availability, integrity and confidentiality to your partners
Security Strategie
Nowadays, no company is safe anymore because the value of sensitive information is increasing. In almost all companies, processes are displayed digitally or confidential information is stored. Therefore, there should be a security strategy that protects you better in every way. A security strategy can have different contents: objectives and priorities, defined scenarios, potential damages and options for action. By defining, documenting and also communicating your security strategy, you are able to respond appropriately and in good time to incidents that arise and you create more confidence among your business partners. When creating your own security strategy, we are at your disposal.
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