IT-Sicherheitsmesse it-sa

At this year’s it-sa we present our IT security solutions based on the Boxify technology. For visitors, there are also free months of premium feature for the solution SRT UserControl.

Bring-Your-Own-Device auf der it-sa

User Control Center

With SRT UserControl, you can easily create a sandbox to protect your apps and data.



On top of the Boxify technology, we have built a Mobile-Device-Management that allows to securely implement a bring-your-own-device policy!

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What we offer to you

Protection for your privacy!

  • Put your data in a controlled container.
  • Decide what an app can do and what not.

To the product

Separation of business and private life!

  • Separate personal and business data.
  • Administrate the business container remotely.

To the product

Analysis of your security!

  • How secure is your data?
  • Get a tailored action plan to improve your data security.



Third IT security day in Saarland

On January 16. February 2017 the Saarland IT security day in the Saarbrücken Chamber of Commerce will be held for the third time. We are here and answer all questions around our Boxify technology personally on-site. There are some more exhibitors, as well as lectures...

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Product overview


up to Android 4.1
  • Control the access rights of apps on older Android devices.
  • Keep your family photos in the family!


from Android 4.1 (coming soon)
  • Whether for your private device or your business device, UserControl let’s you gain control over your device.
  • Using containers you can present exactly that data to an app that it is supposed to access.


from Android 4.1
  • If you want to easily manage multiple devices, we offer you an easy to roll-out solution for your company.
  • In addition, you get remote administration and high security standards.