Of the 14. up to 18. March 2016 will take place this year the CeBIT at the Hannover exhibition grounds and is dedicated to its own area of the subject: "business security: cyber attacks in the age of digitization – hacker, BYOD, NSA: theft and cybercrime can meet any company and in the age of digitization and the Internet of things, the risks increase." The Backes SRT GmbH demonstrated their product SRT Boxify, which for the first time real BYOD on all Android devices starting with version 4.1 allows.

The mobile device management solution (MDM solution) enables companies to use real bring-your-own-device (BYOD) on current standard Android devices. SRT Boxify uses this sandboxing and virtualization to create secure containers, which ensure the insulation of private applications, enterprise applications and data. Each of these containers secures any applications, including those as they are to find in ordinary app stores, and allows you to dynamically manage their rights and communication. In combination with an automated device, Boxfiy offers an individual and efficient work environment that always reflects the corporate identity and enforces all required company policies companies and their employees.

The possibility of remote administration allows companies to manage the container environment even without physical access. Unless the remote deletion of data and companies out there perfect control applications in the event of loss, the location of stolen devices or the configuration of backups, updates and access rights, SRT Boxifiy at any time on their property and that by simply installing of an Android app.

SRT Boxify have you gained interest and consider the Boxify to use technology in your company? Or have any further questions? Simply a personal appointment with us online or at the CeBIT in contact or arrange, we can assist you.

Shut up Fabian Bendun and Marc will be on Monday, June 14. March 2016, at the CeBIT 2016 for you to be present and present on the State of research in the University of the Saarland (stand D28) in Hall 6, the BYOD solution of Backes SRT GmbH. In addition both employees will be like all questions relating to the Boxify technology and its application. Among other things, SRT Boxify provides solutions to the following common problems:

  • Mobile data security: how to protect data on mobile devices from unwanted access?
  • Control from a distance: How can I check my corporate data on a device, located at home when the employee?
  • Easy deployment: how much effort it is to install such a system in my infrastructure and on the devices of employees?

Answers to these questions are of course at the CeBIT given, but also, within the framework of a personal conversation, directly possible. Simply register with us. Specifically following functionality will be demonstrated live you:

  • Access log, if necessary, to intervene.
  • Migration using backup for easy setup of new equipment.
  • Remote maintenance makes sense to manage users and devices.
  • Safe container for the safe separation of enterprise applications and private applications and their data.

Many individual features like for example the connection to existing MDM infrastructure are always feasible.

You want to know more about Boxify? You want to make an appointment for CeBIT? Might you be interested in functions which we have not mentioned? Sign up with us and we can assist you. Visit our stand at the exhibition here:

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To learn about Boxify technology, click here.