Prime Minister Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer is informed about the possibilities of SRT Boxify.

This year's CeBIT was a great success for us. She was accompanied by great media, political, and of course business interest. In addition to new prospects, it was seeing pleasing even some familiar faces are asked according to the current functionality of Boxify.

In a variety of discussions was again clear that BYOD and a clean separation of data private and business data is very much in demand. In particular, it is not only important to be able to control data flow, but also to be able to measure what drains where appropriate organisational measures to control many.

We also noted that some providers wrapping employ methods (similar to SRT AppGuard) to establish the compatibility of apps with their MDM. Unfortunately, these methods are very maintenance-intensive and error-prone right on over 4,000 different possible Android versions. One of the benefits of Boxify from the perspective of the provider or Support is a wrapping is not necessary, and thus foreseeable that a better customer satisfaction with less effort.

Another common problem solutions, which often was approached by MDM, the display of the caller's name in the event that the address book not in the open address book is imported. Boxify can also remedy this and protect the business address book from an outflow of information in the world of Facebook and WhatsApp.

As a conclusion the CeBIT has shown us that we have a technology with Boxify, we respond to the requests and can meet the needs of the customer.