Backes SRT – Innovation meets Security
Backes SRT was founded in 2010 under the name X-pire! and is a spin-off company of Saarland University. Backes SRT devoted its effort to security in the digital communication, to security analysis as well as to the research and development of innovative security technologies. In 2012, the company was renamed to the current name Backes SRT GmbH with its headquarter in Saarbr├╝cken.

The goal of the company is to support clients in matters of data security and to develop technologies that facilitate secure communication in the globally connected world. Backes SRT puts a special focus on software to improve security on the Internet and mobile applications in the area of the Android operating system. The SRT AppGuard pro app enables users to find hidden data accesses and switch them off. In addition to end-customer, we also support companies tracking and influenceing the data leaked to the world wide web and other third parties. Proven expertise transformed Backes SRT GmbH to a highly demanded consulting partner for companies of any size.

Backes SRT was founded by Professor Michael Backes and Stefan Lorenz. Michael Backes is holder of the Chair for Information Security and Cryptography at the Saarland University and Max Planck Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for software systems.

Backes SRT GmbH is part of the Scheer holding. This connection and the found Professor Michael Backes enables a a unique connection to top-class research institutes as well as broad segments of the IT industry.