We offer

Security solutions, trainings and services. The development of our concepts is based on the latest research results and drives the state of the art forward.


  • Boxify: Real Bring-Your-Own-Device with strong security guarantees.
  • AppGuard: Control the permissions of Android apps.
  • X-pire!: Manage encrypted images and provide an expiration date for pictures.

We are happy to adapt our solutions to your needs.


  • Secure Software Development
  • IT security awareness for employees and management
  • Management of IT-Security

We adapt the training specific to your desires, for example, secure software development of web applications.

Service Penetration Testing

We analyze your infrastructure:

  • Analysis of the network infrastructure
  • Security Testing of Web interfaces
  • Traffic injection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Social Engineering

Afterwards, we will give you a concrete action plan for the elimination of security risks.