Boxify Framework for academic Research Projects
Boxify is a lightweight application sandbox for stock Android. Building upon application virtualization and process-based privilege separation, Boxify securely encapsulates untrusted apps in an isolated environment. In contrast to most related work on stock Android, Boxify eliminates the need to modify the code of monitored apps and thereby overcomes existing legal concerns and deployment problems that rewriting-based approaches have been facing. Boxify can be deployed as a regular Android app without firmware modifications or root privileges.

For more details, please have a look at the paper.

This research is based on technology invented and developed at Backes SRT GmbH and was published in cooperation with the Center for Information Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA) at Saarland University.

Source code

The Boxify framework will be made freely available for academic and non-commercial use. We are working hard to turn our research prototype of Boxify into usable technology suitable for other academic research projects. However, we are not quite there yet.

UPDATE: Because of ongoing business negotiations, the public release of the source code has been postponed by a few weeks.